A unique experience

Our goal is to create a unique and exclusive experience, in order to build a friendly relationship with our customers.

From navigation to packaging, everything has been studied to reduce the gap between the e-shop and the physical store as much as possible and to limit the constraints linked to online sales.

Our customer service is made up of a team of qualified e-salespeople who aim to support and advise each customer individually from their first steps on the site to the purchase. In addition, they also provide after-sales service: delivery and any alterations and returns.

We are aware of the requirements of the desires of our customers. This is why all our packages are carefully and elegantly prepared, which intentionally extends the identity of the store.

Tissue paper, seller's hand-signed handwritten card, ribbon and Christmas balls for gifts and parties. Transformed into a box by a folding trick, the store bag acts as packaging, as if the purchase had been made directly on site.

Taking care with customers, the team keeps you regularly informed of new products and promotions through a newsletter. E-shopping as we like it: simple, efficient and rarely so welcoming!


We ship orders worldwide. A contribution to the shipping costs will be invoiced according to the geographical area (Free delivery in Metropolitan France) and the transport solution chosen.

You will find the prices and delivery times available for your location on the order finalization page.

The tracking number for your package will be communicated to you as soon as your order is shipped.


All transactions made on the Pepa site are secured by the Shopify Checkout payment system. The information exchanged with the bank is encrypted using the SSL protocol in compliance with European regulations. This data cannot be intercepted or modified.