Pepa, Cadaqués' most chic and bohemian address, celebrates the sea, sun, art and friendship. Under the impetus of Carole Bénazet and Frédéric Lagarrigue, the fashion and lifestyle destination in Dalí's famous village, haloed by his surrealist spirit, continues to write its history.

Pepa, four letters, two syllables, a name chanted like a call to freedom and insouciance. Created in the early 1970s, at the height of the hippie craze, the boutique on Port Doguer beach is enjoying a new lease of life, without abandoning its original promise: to showcase Mediterranean creativity, while cultivating a sense of sharing. Attached to the history of the place, Carole and Frédéric are driving a renewal under the banner of continuity - a very Lampedusian approach summed up by the famous phrase: "everything has to change for nothing to change".

Pepa is a story of taste and elective affinities. With a highly eclectic selection of ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories, the address brings together designer brands and iconic fashion houses. The arty aesthetic, with its cheerful pop accents, is embodied in a selection of men's and women's pieces with a sunny, summery tone. An idyllic offering that blends fashion, lifestyle and craftsmanship, while affirming a generous vision of art and design.

The e-shop is designed as an extension of the physical boutique. Here, as in Cadaqués, the look is chic, tangy and carefree, a perfect reflection of the Mediterranean imagination.